Monday, April 30, 2012

It's been almost 2 months....and a lot has changed!!

Wow...where do I begin.

Well the day after my last post (3-7-12) I started on my own with no medication!!!  So I called the doctor and he put me back on the triple dose of Clomid and said that this would be my last round of it.  He said that if we didn't conceive with this round, then he was referring me to a fertility doctor.  I was so devistated.  I had already been down that road and didn't want to go back down it again.  Dustin and i decided that if we didn't conceive this cycle, then we would just not "try" so hard.  We would let what happens happen.  So, we continued to chart my temperature and started taking the Clomid.

After what I beleived was my ovulation date, we noticed that my temperature just continued to rise....we were trying really hard not to get our hopes up, but it is really hard when you have tried for something so long and when the results are finally starting to look promising.  So anyways, we continued to chart my temperature and do our deed.  I was suppose to start again on 4-7-2012.  We decided that if I didn't start, that we would take a test on Sunday, Easter 4-8-12.

We went to my sisters for a little Easter celebration on 4-7-12 and then we went down to his Aunts for a little get together.  When we left, I wasn't feeling very good, but I knew that we needed to stop and buy a pack of pregnancy tests so that I could take one in the morning.  So we went to Walmart and he went in and got a few things that we needed and the pregnancy tests.  When we got home, it was around 1 AM on 4-8-12, and I had to pee reallty bad.  So I told him that I would go ahead and take a test because it would be positive now if I am pregnant and we don't have to wait until the morning.  So I took a test, and.......IT WAS POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were so shocked, excited, nervous and axious to tell everyone.  So we immediately, yes at 1:00 in the morning, started calling everyone in our family.  Everyone was so excited. 

So now to get you up to date on where we are.  I started taking my prenatal vitamins on 4-12-12.  And we had our first doctors appointment on 4-20-12.  They confirmed that I am pregnant and I am due on 12-12-12!!  All of my blood work came back fine, and I am now 7 weeks and 5 days!!!  We go in for our first ultrasound on 5-9-12 and our first actual appointment is 5-22-12. 

Other than being exhausted, my boobs hurting, the occasional nausea and mood swings, I am feeling really good!!  I think I am still in shock that I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!

Well, I will update more later....

Until next time...


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  1. So So SOOOOOOO happy for you! You have given me hope!