Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby D

Well, things are going really good so far.  I am now 10 weeks and 2 days!!!  We got to see Baby D for the first time on May 9th....and it was absolutely amazing.  The heartbeat was 174!!  We saw the little heart beating and saw him/her move their feet!!  We got to have our ultrasound recorded and will have the rest of them recorded as well.  I have only gained 1.6 pounds....but I already have a nice pooch on me. (pics to come)  I see my actual doctor for the first time next Tuesday, May 22, 2012.  I am excited but nervous.  Not sure why I am nervous, but I am....must be the "exam". 

Anyways, so far this pregnancy has been pretty easy.  I have been nauseous for about 5 weeks, pretty much all day long....but noooo puking!!!  I am extremely exhausted and very moody :(  This week has been really good because my nausea is seeming to go away (fingers crossed).  I am just ready to be out of my first trimester so that I can breath a little easier and get over my fears and just enjoy being pregnant.

Dustin has been so amazing!!  He talks to Baby D all the time and kisses my belly each morning when we get up and every night before we go to bed.  He could sit there and just rub my belly for hours!

Well, not much more to update you on, so I will update you more after my doctors appointment.

Until next time...

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