Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Major Update

Wow....where has the time gone?  I know that I have blogged in a while, but things have been really hectic.

Well, I am still charting my temp and it's going pretty good!  I am almost 100% positive that I ovulated this past cycle!!!!  Unfourtunately, we did not conceive (although we tried really hard!)  I stated spotting today, so I called the doctor to see if he wanted me to do Clomid again and I now have a doctors appointment at 3:30 today.  He is going to look over my BBT chart and decide from there.  I am pretty sure that he will keep me on the same dose of Clomid this cycle because, like I said, I am pretty sure that I ovulated!!

I cannot put into words how excited I am that I am starting on my own without medication!!  It has been almost a year since that has happened!!  One step at a time, I know.

Anyway, I will update more once my appointment is over.

Until next time...

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