Monday, January 30, 2012


Over the last several years, I have accumulated several (like 20) books about PCOS, pregnancy and so forth.  I have really started reading them and thinking about what is in them.  I have found some interesting facts about PCOS so I thought I would share a few of them.

*many woman with PCOS get pregnant and give birth to healthy babies once they get their hormone levels in balance; many times without fertility drugs (let's hope so!!!)

*over 70% of woman with PCOS conceive naturally  (hopefully)

*just because you aren't menstrating doesn't mean you can't get pregnant; ovulation occurs before your period starts (that's always good....since I rarely have periods unless the doctor puts me on Provera)

*ovulation predictor kits are generally not reliable for women with PCOS and irregular periods (I have used these a few times, but after reading this, I won't anymore)

*too much stress not only triggers PCOS symptoms, it can also make them worse (well if anyone knows me, they know that I have a ton of stress in my life.....I am trying my hardest to control all the stress though...not always easy)

*sleep deprivation results in hormonal imbalance, therefore increasing the risk of infertility (I have always had problems sleeping....maybe I need to go to the doctor about this)

*women who take a daily multivitamin can double their chances of getting pregnant and produce better quality eggs (I started taking a multivitamin a few months come on eggs do your thing)

*women whose mothers smoked during pregnant are less likely to conceive compared with those whose mothers didn't (well Pam smoked with me....thanks)

*body temp drops slightly before ovulation and increaes by about 0.4 degrees afterward (charting my temp every morning...waiting for that rise)

*Clomid does need to be adjusted according to body weight, with heavier patients needing higher levels (well doc just increased my dosage to 150MG per day.....YIKES)

*when taken with an insulin sensitizer (such as Glucophage), Clomid significantly increases the chances of ovulation and pregnancy  (I have been on Glucophage since September and the doc just increased my dose to 1500MG per day)

*estrogen supplementation with Clomid increases pregnant rates by encouraging growth of the lining of the womb and increasing the implantation rate (we haven't done estrogen supplementation yet)

*Metformin (Glucophage) is considered one of the most effective methods for treating infertility in women with PCOS, since it can bring insulin levels into balance (lets hope it works for me!!!)

*treatment with Glucophage has shown promising results in preliminary studies, including reinstated menstural periods and improved fertility  (well since I have been on it since September, I have only had 1 period on my not sure if my body is still adjusting to it or what)

*many women who couldn't ovulate on other fertility medications achieve sucess using Glucophage because they decrease insulin resistance, which has a positive effect on ovarian function  (I think I have ovulated 1 cycle since being on the Glucophage....which without the Glucophage, I would only ovulate with the high price fertility meds)

*by using Glucophage in combination with Clomid or other fertility medication, over half of women with PCOS will ovulate (GOOD because I am using both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

*low birth weight in a baby girl predisposes her to PCOS  (I think I was an average 7lbs I don't think this had any effect on it for me)

*babies large for their gestational age are more common for women with PCOS  ( I am going to have big babies....oh well as long as they are healthy they can be 12 pounds...or maybe 9 pounds)

*some women with PCOS find that the 2nd time around, they get pregnant easier  (I hope so....unless we get both babies in one shot....hhhhmmmmm)

I have found a ton more, but some of them are about your sex life and some are about "men" I won't share those. 

I have been on the Provera (2 pills a day) since Friday....I have one more dose of that tonight and both doses tomorrow and then it's gone.  Once I take the last dose tomorrow....I should start Sunday!!  I have never not started with this medicine so I am not worried that I won't.  I have been on the 1500MG of Glucophage (Metformin) since Friday also.  I have one more dose of that tonight and I will continue that until doc tells me to stop.  I am starting to see the side effects of this medicine...the headaches...stomach cramps...bathroom issues....not to pleasant....but I will do anything that I have to.  I picked up my Clomid from the pharmacy last night, and I will start taking that on cycle day 3 (which should be next Wednesday) and I will take it through cycle day 7.  Then we will do our thing and hope to see a rise in my temperature.

I want to take a little bit of time and say a few words about my husband.  Dustin and I have been together for almost 14 years.  When we first started dating, we didn't talk much about kids (hello I was only 15).  But a few years into our relationship, we knew that we wanted to be parents.  So, after we were married, we didn't protect ourselves and thought if it happens it does and if it doesn't no biggie....we have plenty of time (we got married when I was 19).  Since we have been going thru our fertility issues, he has been the biggest supporter for me.  I only know how I feel about it and I have no idea how he feels.  And there for a while, I thought that he didn't really care if we got pregnant or not and I thought that he didn't really care what I was going thru.  The truth is, he was going thru his own emotions and feeling like a failure, and I thought it was all about me and thought that he was just being insensitive.  Looking back, I can see all the hurt that he has gone thru too...everytime our pregnancy tests came back negative, he was only being strong and not showing his emotions so that I wouldn't get more upset....I thought he just didn't care.  I have the most amazing husband in the world and I couldn't imagine going thru this journey with anybody else.  Dustin has been my rock thru so many things in the 14 years that we have been together and I love him so much more for that. 

When my sister passed away a little over 2 years ago...I just shut out everyone, including Dustin.  I didn't want to go on anymore...he stood by me and helped me thru it all and I thank GOD everyday that sent Dustin to me.  He could have easily just walked away....most men would have, but not Dustin.  He stood by me thru all my depression and quilt and never once did he make me feel like a burden.  I am so sure that I would have given up on so many things along with way if I didin't have Dustin by my side.  I just know that he is going to be such a wonderful dad, and I just pray that one day I will be able to give him that child to be the best dad for. 

Dustin--- I love you more that you could ever imagine.  You are honestly the best thing that has every happend to me.  I don't know where I would be without you.  I love you so much! that the tears are flowing, I am gonna stop....

Until next time....



  1. Let's see if I can was a blessing for me to read this Shawna. It's a wonderful good thing for you to share your heart. You don't have to be tough with me!! I can see it in your eyes and heart! You don't have to keep everything bottled up. It's good for you to share! Love ya girl and am praying for you & Dustin!!!

  2. YEAH!!!! I was FINALLY able to post!!! :-)