Friday, January 27, 2012

Doctor's appointment

So I haven't posted in a while...sorry.

I took a home pregnancy test on 1/20/2012 and it was negative.  So I scheduled an appointment with my doctor.  I went to my appointment yesterday, and he confirmed that I am not pregnant :(  He started me on Provera today to make my period come.  And he had me start taking 3 Glucophages today.  He had to look at my BBT chart to see what he wanted to do with my Clomid....and they just called me.  It appears that I did not ovulate last cycle :( so he is uping my does of Clomid also.  Now I take 3 (150MG) of Clomid a day too.  I won't start that until day 3 of my period. 

So far today I have taken 1 Provera (the second 1 I will take with dinner) and 2 Glucophages (1 with breakfast and 1 with lunch, I will take my 3rd one at dinner).  I am already starting to have some side effects.   I have been extremely nauseous today and I am already starting to have cramps.  The nausea is from the extra doses of Glucophage and the cramping is from the Provera.  In about 7-10 days, my body will be adjusted tot he increase in the Glucophage and my nausea should stop.  However, the cramping won't stop until my period comes and goes.

So now we are just waiting once again and hoping that everything will work out this time!!!

Until next time...


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