Thursday, January 19, 2012

Think before you speak

So not too long ago, I was told by someone that everyone feels like they have to walk on egg shells around me when it comes to babies and pregnancy.  This person said that nobody knows what to say to be about all of it so they feel a little uncomfortable when the subject comes up.  I don't want anyone to feel like they can't talk to be about babies and pregnancy.  I am not going to say that I won't get upset or that I will be on cloud 9 along with you, but I will listen and join in the excitement.  I love babies and pregnancy, and not just for me.  I love seeing pregnant people (some) and I love all babies....just ask my family. 

However, some people just say things to me that are very inappropriate.  I feel like some people don't have any sympathy for what I am going thru, and they just run their mouth and they shouldn't.  I wish just for once, that those people who say inappropriate (mean) things to me would just walk a mile in my shoes one time and then see how much they want to say then.  I am nobody to say who should have children and when, but the people that I am talking about are not in any position to bring a child (or another one) into this world.  So instead of telling me how easy it is for them to get pregnant (not something you say to someone who has been trying for 7 years to get pregnant) they really need to be worried about how they are going to handle and afford the baby that they are going to be bringing into this world.

Dustin and I are not perfect, and I am sure that we are going to struggle just like everyone else that has children, but I believe that we could not be in a better place in our lives to have a baby join us.  We have so much love to give, and just want to be able to share that love with our child.   

I guess I am done ranting and raving for now....LOL

Until next time....


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  1. Couldn't agree more! I saw your link to this blog on Facebook and of course read it!! I may not personnaly know you all to well but I can say your are a very strong woman!! I myself have been blessed with 2 beautiful children my youngest of 5 months was a scary pregnancy at my first appt my pap came back abnormal and I had some more tests done to find out I have cervical cancer. Some people thought I was crazy but I choose to have my child and get treatment later. Have an appt next month to see what's going on praying it's not 10 times worse than what it was back then :/ but either way I have him. But anyways I just wanted to say I truly hope and pray you get a positive and get to enjoy a happy healthy pregnancy and get hold your very first child in your arms it's the most wonderful feeling in the world!! And it's people like you and Dustin deserve the most! I will keep you in my prayers and though we are not close friends do know I am always willing to listen if you need it. Lots of love and prayers to you both -d
    Deanna B